Eagles weigh in on Solder

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Upon first blush, it appeared as though the rotation of defensive ends for the Philadelphia Eagles, highlighted by Trent Cole and Darryl Tapp, was able to get the better of Patriots left tackle Nate Solder on Monday night.

Though neither was able to generate a sack, Tapp registered a quarterback hit and bested Solder on a rush on the same play that quarterback Brian Hoyer was strip-sacked by Eagles defensive end Phillip Hunt, who surged around Marcus Cannon on the opposite side.

After the game, Solder said he would use the film as a learning tool for areas to improve upon. "We're going to look at it objectively, and we're going to see where we need to improve and I'm going to continue to improve my game," he said. "That's where I'm going to focus."

Although Tapp experienced some success against Solder, he says he likes what he sees in the second-year pro.

"He's a good young tackle. He's going to be even better, I think, the more reps he gets," Tapp said. "He's an athlete, he can move. Long arms. Definitely makes it a little bit harder to get to the quarterback, but he did a good job."

On the near sack for Tapp, he was able to beat Solder with a good jump off the edge, a signature staple of the Eagles' pressure-oriented defense.

"I was able to get a good jump that time and I just attacked him" Tapp said. "I guess I was able to catch him off hand. ... But he's definitely going to be a player to be reckoned with in the league."

Tapp's admiration for Solder's game is shared by Graham, who although did not align against Solder, studied him on film.

"He's a big long guy, somebody who you've got to get his hands off of," Graham said. "He's big, probably real strong. You've just got to stay on your game when you're playing against him."