Closer look at Jeff Demps' deal

Brian McIntyre of NFL.com breaks down details of the three-year contract signed by Patriots rookie running back Jeff Demps, and uses the numbers to highlight how there was a "high level of interest" in the world-class sprinter.

Demps received an $11,000 signing bonus and has $200,000 of his $395,000 base salary guaranteed.

McIntyre notes that total of $211,000 in guaranteed money is the second-largest sum given to a 2012 undrafted free agent, exceeded only by the $214,000 the Dallas Cowboys guaranteed offensive lineman Ronald Leary.

Does the guaranteed money assure Demps of a spot on the Patriots' 53-man roster? Not necessarily. Demps has not done anything football-related since Jan. 2. He lost 15 pounds to compete in the Olympics and won't hit the practice field for the first time until Wednesday. After that, Demps will have two preseason games in a five-day span to show if he can contribute in a meaningful way to the Patriots this season.

The Patriots clearly want to keep Demps beyond the month of August, though, and the base salary guarantee in the contract could be high enough to scare away teams from claiming him off waivers. The Patriots could then sneak Demps onto their practice squad, where they routinely pay their practice squad players above the minimum weekly salary ($5,700 per week again in 2012).

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