Bolden could benefit from Larsen release

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- The Patriots' release of fullback Spencer Larsen on Monday, as reported by the Baltimore Sun, could open a spot for the team to carry five running backs, including undrafted rookie Brandon Bolden.

At his Monday news conference, head coach Bill Belichick indicated that there may be a role for all five players on the team.

"I think that all of our backs have worked hard. They have some different skills, but they all have skills, they all have made plays with the ball in their hands, they've been productive. So each guy kind of brings a little bit of a different dimension to the position," Belichick said.

Added Belichick: "Although they all have the same basic requirements of the position, but they all do it a little differently, because of their style or makeup or physical abilities, or what have you. It's been interesting to watch that group work, and they've all been productive.

"We'll continue to evaluate that and I'm sure in some way they'll all be able to contribute for us, depending on what we're doing, or what offense we're in, or what grouping we're in, what the situation is, and so forth."

One option, if the Patriots chose not to keep the only remaining fullback, Eric Kettani, on the roster, would be to use Bolden as a fullback in certain situations. Belichick didn't dismiss the possibility on Monday.

"Possibly. We really haven't evaluated him too much at that position, because we've really tried to evaluate him as a running back, as a one-back or a tailback if we have two backs in the backfield," Belichick said. "But he's got decent size, he's smart, he has good toughness, so I don't know, maybe."