Rookie haircuts part of the gig

Rookie TE Tyler Urban is an undrafted free agent. Courtesy of the Patriots

In a time-honored tradition, Patriots rookies were the "beneficiaries" of new haircuts on Monday, courtesy of their veteran teammates.

The haircuts, two of which are pictured, were debuted at the Patriots' annual Charitable Foundation Kickoff Gala on Monday night.

Beyond those captured in photo, we were able to spot at least one rookie, linebacker Dont'a Hightower, who received a different type of cut: specifically, Hightower's eyebrows had been entirely shaven off.

(Note: players with dreadlocks or long hair are typically spared a haircut in favor of a brow shave).

Rookie haircuts are a regularity throughout the NFL, as was evidenced during the premiere episode of "Hard Knocks," the HBO series that is taking an inside look at the Dolphins' training camp. Veteran Dolphins players took it upon themselves to not only cut the hair of their rookies, but also to dye the color of many of them.

Patriots offensive lineman Derek Dennis, who was waived by the Dolphins prior just prior to the commencement of training camp practices, lasted long enough in Miami to receive a hair cut complete with dyed spots around his head.

These new 'dos won't last for long, however.

Most rookies opt to shave whatever is left on their head within a few days time.