Kraft on stadium tech upgrades

Appearing on CNBC's "Squawk Box" on Friday, Patriots president Jonathan Kraft detailed some technology upgrades that will be coming to Gillette Stadium this season, as well as future plans on how to use the technology.

"We're going to announce on Monday that with a company called Enterasys, we have made a pretty substantial multimillion dollar investment for (Gillette) Stadium," Kraft said. "You're actually going to be able to have 70,000 people have WiFi access all at once, with almost half of them being able to stream rich media. This year we're going to give them the NFL Red Zone, so they can get at the stadium what they get at home."

Kraft also gave a preview of another possible use of the technology, which is similar to how driver radio is available to spectators in NASCAR.

"I think eventually you'll see us mic-up players and the audio being exclusively available to people in the building," Kraft hinted.