Highlighting rotation at right tackle

NASHVILLE -- Starting right tackle Sebastian Vollmer had played just nine snaps in the preseason as he works his way back from a back injury, so asking him to play a complete regular-season game was a bit too much.

With this in mind, the Patriots utilized a rotation at right tackle in their 34-13 season-opening win over the Titans, with Vollmer and second-year man Marcus Cannon

The breakdown by non-kneeldown series:

1. Vollmer (6 plays; punt)

2. Vollmer (5 plays; TD)

3. Cannon (4 plays; punt)

4. Cannon (12 plays, TD)

5. Vollmer (7 plays; punt)

6. Vollmer (10 plays; punt)

7. Cannon (6 plays; TD)

8. Cannon (12 plays; FG)

9. Vollmer (5 plays; FG)

So the breakdown went Vollmer for 33 and 34 Cannon.

There were a few other wrinkles along the line to highlight:

1. When Dan Connolly reported as an eligible receiver, moving to fullback, Donald Thomas came in at right guard.

2. On the team's final drive, Cannon was at right guard, with Vollmer at right tackle.

3. No issues with the shotgun snap with a new center, Ryan Wendell.