Koutouvides: From bar to Patriots

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – Veteran linebacker Niko Koutouvides calls himself a football fan, so even though he was out of a job after being let go by the Patriots on Aug. 31, he still planned to watch the team’s games.

But last Sunday, he ran into an unexpected problem.

Back home in his native Connecticut, Koutouvides turned on the television, changed the channel to Fox, and was surprised the Patriots-Cardinals game wasn’t being shown. It was a regional broadcast, but that part of Connecticut was showing a different game.

So Koutouvides told his wife and kids he needed to leave, and he went to the Wood-n-Tap in Farmington to watch the second half.

“I’m a big fan of not only my teammates, but a Patriots fan,” explained Koutouvides, who was born in New Britain, Conn, after he was re-signed by the team on Wednesday.

“It was flooded with Patriots fans in there and I’ll tell you what, they get a little rowdy and have fun. It was a pretty fun atmosphere. That's why this is the greatest game in America. Everybody has an opinion of it and how they can do it better."

Still, Koutouvides prefers the atmosphere at Gillette Stadium.

“It’s always good to be back to work,” he said, laughing.