Can Brady avoid INTs vs. Ravens?

Playing without his big-play tight end Aaron Hernandez, quarterback Tom Brady faces enough of a challenge on Sunday. That’s before you even consider the opponent.

In the past three meetings with the Ravens (which includes two postseason games), Brady has thrown seven interceptions. Only the Buffalo Bills have also picked him off that much since 2009.

He’s thrown multiple interceptions in three straight games against the Ravens, the longest such streak he’s ever had against a team. In fact, the Miami Dolphins are the only other team Brady has even had back-to-back multi-interception games against.

The source of the problem has been longer passes. Six of Brady’s seven interceptions against the Ravens have come on passes thrown over 10 yards. Since 2009, he has only 19 other interceptions of that type.

It hasn’t been the case of Brady honing in on one target. In fact, the pass was intended for a different receiver for all six interceptions.

The Ravens have effectively removed the big play from Brady’s repertoire. In those last three meetings, he has just one completion for 25 yards or more.

While throw distance is a common trait in Brady’s interceptions, Baltimore’s strategy of dropping back extra defenders has also played a role. All seven of Brady’s interceptions against the Ravens since 2009 have come with four or fewer pass rushers.