Jaworski: Cards confused Brady in Week 2

In a recent piece posted to ESPN.com, NFL Analyst Ron Jaworski explains how the defenses of the Cardinals and Falcons were able to confuse Tom Brady and Peyton Manning respectively during Week 2.

Though Brady finished with 316 yards passing, he managed just a 60.9 percent completion rate and a quarterback rating of 79.6, both pedestrian totals for the former league MVP. Jaworski explains that a pivotal element in the Cardinals containing Brady was the ability to deceive the quarterback, and cites a specific example of a coverage the team implemented called "Cover 2 Zone Trap."

Jaworski describes the coverage as such:

"It looks like a standard Cover 2, with the safeties high and the corners staying underneath, but just as a QB expects the corner to sit down and leave an open window for a pass, the corner jumps the route. The defense is trying to coax the quarterback into an interception. When the Cardinals employed this look Sunday, Brady was able to read the trap in time … barely."

To read the entire piece (note: Insider content), which digs deeper into the value of confusing an opposing quarterback, click HERE.