Tedy Bruschi weekly chat recap

Every day after the Patriots play a game, ESPN analyst Tedy Bruschi holds a chat to dissect the performance. Today's chat kicked off at noon, can be recapped here, and included some of the following topics:

1. Shaky officiating and how it can affect players.

2. Props for the offensive line and its protection of Tom Brady.

3. Josh McDaniels and his play-calling.

4. Credit to Ravens defensive coordinator Dean Pees for a few key calls late in the game.

5. Outside-the-numbers production for Joe Flacco hurts the Patriots.

6. Brandon Lloyd and Wes Welker are two big positives.

7. Cornerback Devin McCourty and his early-season performance.

8. Explaining why Danny Woodhead was utilized more than Stevan Ridley at running back.