Updating base vs. sub stats

As part of monitoring a growing trend in recent years for the Patriots -- the defense playing more in space in sub packages (5 or more defensive backs) -- let's update the numbers after Sunday's loss to the Ravens:

vs. Ravens

Base: 37 of 73

Sub: 36 of 73

Short-yardage: 0 of 73

vs. Cardinals

Sub: 30 of 64

Base: 29 of 64

Short-yardage: 5 of 64

vs. Titans

Sub: 42 of 65

Base: 21 of 65

Short-yardage: 2 of 65

That puts the three-game total at 52.9 percent in sub packages. The number figures to rise after next Sunday's game in Buffalo, as the Bills' spread attack had the Patriots in sub packages for most of their snaps last season.

Against the Ravens, the Patriots were in their base defense for 25 of 32 first-half snaps (penalties included). The sub numbers rose on the Ravens' final four drives when Baltimore was playing catch-up and forced to pass more consistently.