Gronk featured on E:60 tonight

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski will be featured on ESPN's E:60 program tonight (7 p.m. ET).

Reporter Jeremy Schaap and producer John Minton III shared thoughts on their time with Gronkowski.

"I think what I liked most about Rob is his total lack of artifice and guile," Schaap said. "In my experience with him, he really was exactly what you’d expect. A seriously overgrown kid. He does what he does for effect, to be noticed, but also simply to amuse; it’s not a grand marketing scheme. In that respect, he reminds me of Riddick Bowe and Shaquille O’Neal, also overgrown kids who loved to make people laugh."

"In all, we have an estimated 60 hours of video in our definitive profile of Rob Gronkowski. Rob and his family were extremely welcoming to us starting in the early spring," Minton III said. "What surprised me most about Rob is how down to earth he comes across. At no point in time, did he ever act entitled or egotistic throughout our entire experience with him. I can confidently say he is one of the most flexible and entertaining athletes I have ever had a chance to work with. We texted regularly throughout the process after Rob offered his cell phone on Day 1 of the project. Whenever there was a request, or a question, he was sure to answer. He went above and beyond to help meet our needs to tell the best story that we could."

A preview of the piece can be seen in the video above.