Breaking down snaps for RBs

ORCHARD PARK, N.Y. -- Here is a look at the snap counts played by Patriots running backs in the team's 52-28 win over the Bills, which highlight how the Patriots relied on their power runners and Bolden served as the "closer":

Stevan Ridley -- 34 of 77

Brandon Bolden -- 26 of 77

Danny Woodhead -- 10 of 77

Shane Vereen -- 8 of 77

Ridley and Bolden are both 5-foot-11 and 220 pounds, while Woodhead (5-8, 200) and Vereen (5-9, 205) are more change-of-pace/speed options. So this game was about power for the Patriots, which was a contrast to last week against the Ravens when Woodhead played more snaps than any running back.

It was notable that multiple Bills defenders said the Patriots basically ran three running plays all game and it was discouraging that it couldn't be stopped.

The other point is that Bolden played 20 of his 26 snaps in the second half, while Ridley had an even split of 17 snaps in the first half and 17 in the second half.

So Bolden, the rookie free agent out of Mississippi, served as the closer for a thoroughly impressive ground effort.

Some might be asking "Who's Bolden?" after this one, and for those who might be doing so, here is a link to his "football journey."