Sharing Patriots podcast outline

This week's Patriots podcast with Tedy Bruschi is now posted on ESPNBoston.com (listen here), and the following is an outline of the discussion:


Recapping the Patriots' win over the Bills and Tedy's pre-game doubts.

AFC East snapshot -- early driver's seat for Patriots.

Picking 1 player on offense and defense that stands out after 4 games.

The referees are back.


Thoughts on Peyton Manning.

Why Willis McGahee is the key to the Patriots' plan.

Center Dan Koppen returns home as a Broncos starter; some Koppen stories.

Elvis Dumervil and Von Miller to be tested by the run.

Champ Bailey -- veteran CB still plays at high level.


@AvkarSiv -- What is the biggest concern for the Patriots 1/4 of the way through? Are they the top AFC team?

@therealJohnEast -- Can we expect double-digit carries from Brandon Bolden this coming weekend?

@kameronx -- Will Stephen Gostkowski show us that he can hit the big kick in the pressure moment?

@Commodity_Bull -- How concerned are you with Dont'a Hightower's hamstring injury?

@bahozak -- Stevan Ridley leads the NFL in rushes resulting in a first down with 28. Pretty remarkable. Thoughts?

@werdyo -- Did you have any indication Brandon Bolden could do this? Impressive.

@NFL_BSimonds21 -- No big hits or plays from Patrick Chung. Tavon Wilson is making more plays it seems. What do you think?