Bruschi's Breakdown on Pats-Broncos

Every week leading up to the Patriots' next game, Tedy Bruschi and Mike Reiss dissect the action in "Bruschi's Breakdown." This week's piece is now posted and Bruschi sees the same old Peyton Manning.

"I don't see any loss of arm strength. I think people overreact when they see the ball coming out of his hands and it's not a perfect spiral," he writes. "Peyton Manning never threw a perfect spiral on every single throw, even when he was in his prime. I remember wobblers coming out when I was on the field, thinking 'Man, that's not going to get there,' but it still had the velocity and accuracy. Sometimes it just came out of his hand like that. I know Peyton has said himself that he has a little ways to go in terms of recovery, but know he's a month in after having a full training camp. Watching him versus the Raiders on Sunday, it looked like the old Manning to me. He just shredded that Raiders defense."

Bruschi also touches on the return of center Dan Koppen.

"I spent a lot of time with Kope. He's a great golfer. One of his claims to fame in the locker room was beating Brady in backgammon. Those offensive linemen are the tightest group in the locker room, and that was the case with Koppen, Logan Mankins and Matt Light. They'd be pulling up a chair in the locker room and setting up the backgammon board and Brady would come over. It was competitive, and more often than not, Koppen would hand it to him. That center-quarterback relationship was great. I'm sure it's going to be a strange experience for Koppen, coming back so soon."