Sound bites from Belichick

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Passing along some sound bites from Bill Belichick's postgame press conference after the Patriots' 31-21 win over the Denver Broncos.

On his team's strong first half: "It was a combination of taking advantage of our scoring opportunities, getting the ball in the end zone. We came close there at the end of the half; we just weren’t quite able to get that in there on second and third down. I think I can do a better job of that, just managing that situation. And then after the exchange of possessions to start the third quarter, you know, we had the touchdown there, so it was kind of a big swing there at the end of the half where we had the points and we exchanged those possessions in the third quarter, but we had more possessions than they did, so it was a really good clock management there in the second quarter. I would have liked to get a touchdown out of it, but … we moved the ball consistently, we ran the ball well, threw it well, we had some balance, picked up some third downs and did pretty good in the red zone, but we can always be better."

On going for a 4th-and-5 from the Denver 37 early in the fourth quarter:

"Trying to pick it up. It was too long for a field goal. The ball was on the 30-whatever yard line, so we were just trying to pick up the first down."

On why he decided against punting at that time:

"Because we didn’t have very far to go. We would have gained some yardage if we punted it, possibly, depending on how good the punt was. We would have had to protect it and that. I thought we had a good chance to pick it up there; we just didn’t do a good job on it."

On his team's offensive tempo and if it was faster normal:

"I think that we tried to up-tempo it a little bit to keep them from substituting. They were able to substitute in at times, but I think at other times they couldn’t get them in. It looked like they had to hold them. When they weren’t substituting, then we could get a little bit better idea of what they were going to do with the group that was in there. When they start subbing, it’s hard to tell exactly what group they're getting to. Are they subbing one for one or are they putting a different personnel group and all that? When they keep the same guys out on the field, then we can have a pretty good idea of what they’re going to do from that package. They got in and out of some stuff, like we expected they would, but we felt like the tempo helped us control the game a little bit."

On the performance of rookie cornerback Alfonzo Dennard:

"It looked like he was in on a few plays. We’ll take a closer look at it on film. I think there are a couple other things that weren’t so hot, but he did show up and make a couple plays, so that was good. Again, we got contributions from a lot of guys on defense: Ras-I [Dowling] and Sterling [Moore], Alfonzo, of course Devin [McCourty] and Kyle [Arrington], both safeties. We had a lot of guys contribute, but it was good to see Alfonzo out here. Good to see."

On what goes through his mind when he sees Tom Brady and Peyton Manning on the same field:

"Two great players, obviously. Two great, great players. They’re both great. There’s nobody I’d rather have than Tom Brady, but Manning is a great player."