Mangini's take on Pats-Broncos

ESPN analyst Eric Mangini was a guest on ESPN Radio's "The Herd" program on Monday morning, and he shared his insight on the Patriots' 31-21 victory over the Broncos:

Why he thought the Broncos could have won. "When you look at the early part of the game, they hit the long completion to Demaryius Thomas and then he fumbles. That's easily three points, and maybe it's another seven points. Then they had the fumble at the end of the game when they're driving in. I just think if these two teams meet again, that this could be very different."

Patriots winning the time of possession 35:49 to 24:11. "The other thing I really liked about the game, and this is something that New England does, is the way they controlled the clock. That was also a philosophy that we would have against great offenses and great passers. You can say what you want about Denver's offense, but with a quarterback like Peyton, the best way to defend them is when they're not on the field. You look at the time of possession difference between the two teams, there were hurry-up plays and there were plays where they took advantage of the Broncos not being set, but they also controlled the clock and kept him on the sideline. But they still scored 21 points in 24 minutes. I think this is something that, with that [Demaryius Thomas] fumble being different, it could easily be a different discussion today."

Wes Welker's post-game remarks regarding Bill Belichick. "I wouldn't necessarily advocate for that, but we don't really know what Bill and Wes' relationship is. Mike Vrabel, who we had for a long time, could needle Bill and get away with it because of the type of relationship they had. Maybe that's what he and Wes have, I don't know. But I just think, in general, you can leave that one alone and [be] better for it."

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