Brady & shotgun tracker, Week 6

In achieving the desired offensive balance for a good part of the first five weeks of the season, and turning more to the running game, the Patriots had been using the shotgun at a reduced rate.

That changed on Sunday in Seattle based on the team's pass-first plan.

Continuing to monitor the trend of quarterback Tom Brady and the shotgun snap, let's update the numbers after last Sunday's loss to the Seahawks:

Usage of the shotgun

at Seahawks: 60 of 87 (7 runs, 52 passes, 1 false start)

vs. Broncos: 45 of 94 (7 runs, 37 passes, 1 false start)

at Bills: 30 of 77 (6 runs, 24 passes)

at Ravens: 41 of 82 (6 runs, 34 passes, 1 fumbled snap)

vs. Cardinals: 47 of 82 (9 runs, 38 passes)

at Titans: 13 of 67 (0 runs, 13 passes)

Starting center Ryan Wendell and Brady had one misfire among the 60 shotgun snaps, with Brady gathering a high snap and quickly throwing the ball away.

On the season, when including penalties, the Patriots have been in the shotgun 48.2 percent of the time (236 of 489).