Where do Patriots rank among 3-3 teams?

There are 11 teams in the NFL with a 3-3 record through Week 6, including all four teams in the AFC East. And if you want to talk about parity, consider that only the Ravens (5-1) and Texans (5-1) are above .500 of the 16 teams in the AFC.

Where do the Patriots fall in a ranking of the 3-3 teams? Click HERE to rank them yourself, and check out the top 3 from a couple of ESPN NFL analysts.

Tedy Bruschi's Top 3 teams at 3-3:

1. Packers

2. Broncos

3. Patriots

Mike Golic's top 3 teams at 3-3 (video below):

1. Packers

2. Patriots

3. Broncos