Simms' insight on Patriots-Jets

Phil Simms will provide analysis for the CBS broadcast of Patriots vs. Jets on Sunday, and here are a few of his thoughts on the matchup:


"There’s no doubt when you listen to Rex Ryan’s comments over the years that he wants to become the New England Patriots. You want to be a perennial power, win the division and go to Super Bowls. It’s what you judge yourself on, and the Jets are judging themselves against their biggest rivals in their minds. New England is so successful. Everybody wants to be them. Rex Ryan has been competing against Bill Belichick so many times over the years. That is why this game is special."


"I’m probably most curious about the Jets’ offense. Can they do to New England what Seattle did last week? They had a good week last week against Indianapolis, but to be a big time winner in the NFL you have to be versatile. So we’ll see if the Jets can find a way to run the ball against a very good Patriots run defense. Most importantly can they find a way to make big passing plays?"


"The Patriots are still giving up the big pass plays and letting people move the ball with the pass. Not only that, when games have a certain flow to them, like this past weekend in Seattle, they threw the ball well and moved it up and down the field. But the one element that’s missing is being physical. That means running the football and having success doing it. The Patriots have shown at times they can. But can they do it when they really want it and need it? That will be another test this week. If they get in that situation, can they line up and run the football and win the game?"