Welker: Revis-less Jets still tough

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Patriots wide receiver Wes Welker has faced the Jets often enough to know that their defense is about more than just cornerback Darrelle Revis.

And while he said it's a relief not to have to face Revis, who is out for the season after tearing his ACL in Week 4, Welker said the Jets' secondary remains strong.

"Still very competitive. They have still a lot of great players," Welker said on Friday. "[They have] a lot of guys that get around to the football and do a good job covering, and obviously Revis is a big loss, but guys have stepped up and done a good job for them."

Patriots coach Bill Belichick has noted that the Jets have often turned to Antonio Cromartie to defend an opposing team's top receiver. If that tactic holds true this weekend, Cromartie may be tabbed to shadow Welker, who is second the in the NFL in both receptions and receiving yards.

Welker talked about facing Cromartie in the past, and what he brings to the table as a defender.

"Very rarely have we matched up in the past. Maybe a few plays here and there, but for the most part, I think we're different type players," Welker noted. "He's a bigger guy, longer guy, faster guy. He does a good job, good ball skills, all those different things and you've got to just run good routes and get open and try to make some plays."

Belichick also described the Jets as a game-plan defense that throws different wrinkles at an opponent each week. Welker suggested that in-game adjustments will be critical.

"There's adjustments throughout the game, and how they're going to play you and making adjustments, and try to do the best we can with them," he said.

He added that it only takes one drive to have an idea of how the Jets plan to defend him, but he's also mindful of additional adjustments throughout the game.

"I think you get a good idea after the first drive," Welker said. "And [then you are] able to talk about it, but things change as the game goes on too, so you've just got to adjust with that too."