Video: Can the Patriots fix their secondary?

In the video above, ESPN's Eric Allen looks at the Patriots' defense and assesses whether the problems in the secondary can be solved.

Allen suggests that when opponents get tougher later in the season and possibly in the playoffs that the Patriots will have even bigger problems containing teams' No. 1 and No. 2 receivers. Possible solutions would be to increase pressure on the quarterback up front and for someone in the defensive backfield to somehow find some confidence in covering top receivers.

But Allen doesn't really see that happening, saying the Patriots' issues are not fixable. He notes that the Patriots have been dealing with secondary problems for the last couple of years and have lacked a player to make that game-changing interception, as Ty Law and Asante Samuel did in years past.

Allen reasons that the Patriots' best way to help their defense is for the offense to keep possession of the ball in late-game situations.