Patriots taking the scenic route

As pointed out by the Patriots' media relations staff, the team is scheduled to travel roughly 6,500 miles during its round-trip journey to London for a Week 8 matchup with the St. Louis Rams. That mileage total surpasses the cumulative distance the Green Bay Packers will travel during the entire 2012 regular season.

The international excursion is just the latest leg of travel for the Patriots, who will have played five regular-season road games by the halfway point of the season, and dating back to the preseason, seven games away from home in 10 opportunities.

A look back at the team's recent travels:


Tampa Bay, Fla (~2,600 miles roundtrip)

East Rutherford, NJ (~400 miles roundtrip)

Regular season

Nashville, Tenn. (~1,850 miles roundtrip)

Baltimore, Md. (~800 miles roundtrip)

Buffalo, NY (~920 miles roundtrip)

Seattle, WA (~6,000 miles roundtrip)

By the time the team hits its bye week, it will have traveled more than 19,000 miles for games this season.

Prior to the start of the season, a topic of conversation was the fact that the Patriots had, based on their opponents' 2011 records, the easiest schedule in all of football. That didn't take into account travel logistics, which although are no excuse for the team's 2-2 road record thus far, are an added consideration that should be mentioned when gauging the difficulty of a schedule.

The fortuitous part for the Patriots is that if they can capture a Week 8 victory, they'll ensure themselves a lead in the AFC East entering the bye week, and face a homestretch of scheduling that involves five home games and no road trip that includes a time zone adjustment.