Lloyd acknowledges missed chances

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Throughout the New England Patriots' win on Sunday over the New York Jets, quarterback Tom Brady tried to connect with receiver Brandon Lloyd, but they never quite seemed on the same page.

Lloyd was targeted eight times by Brady (only tight end Rob Gronkowski had more passes thrown to him), but the 31-year-old veteran finished with only one catch for six yards.

Among those seven incompletions were three drops on Lloyd's part as well as a few deep passes where Brady appeared to overthrow the ball.

On Wednesday, Lloyd explained his performance to reporters.

"The ball didn't stick as well as I like it to, but that's why we have such an accomplished group of pass-catchers," Lloyd said. "If a guy is not having the night that he would particularly like, there's other guys that can pick up the slack. Tom does a great job of finding receivers and continuing the positive plays."

Lloyd declined further comment on the game, adding only "you try to do your best just to execute plays."