Simms shares Pats-Rams insight

LONDON -- Sunday's game between the Patriots and Rams at Wembley Stadium (1 p.m. ET) will be broadcast on CBS, with Jim Nantz (play-by-play) and Phil Simms (analysis).

Some of Simms' thoughts leading into the game:

Banged up Patriots: "The Patriots are fighting through a lot of injuries with their football team. They have been a little inconsistent. People expect them to go out there and dominate in all these games, which is hard to do in this league. The biggest concern is giving up big pass plays. Last year they prided themselves in not giving them up. This year they’re one of the worst in the NFL giving up big pass plays."

Rams quarterback Sam Bradford: "Sam Bradford is one of the purest throwers in the NFL. If you give him time and he gets somebody even remotely open down the field he will hit them. Very seldom does he miss an open receiver when the conditions are good. I have only seen him in person once, so I am looking forward to meeting him, watching him throw and practice, and seeing what he looks like for real. I believe in his talent. I believe he deserved to be the first pick of the draft the first year he came out. If the Patriots don’t get a pass rush on him he’s going to be dangerous out there."

Jeff Fisher and the Rams: "Jeff Fisher has come in and got the program in order pretty quick. There are a lot of young players on both sides of the ball. They are fundamentally sound and not trying to do too much. In other words, just line it up and play good, solid football. That’s the way to start a program off and get it moving forward."