Belichick enjoyed London experience

The Patriots improved to 2-0 at Wembley Stadium in London with a 45-7 thrashing of the St. Louis Rams on Sunday, and Patriots coach Bill Belichick again was pleased with the experience of playing at the historic site.

"I certainly like the results," Belichick said after the convincing win. "It was a good win for us against Tampa [in 2009] and it was a real good win for us today. It's a great feeling to walk out of here feeling like you played well and knowing that you can kind of relax for a little bit here. ... It feels good to come to London and get these kind of results."

The 84,004 fans in attendance showed boisterous support throughout the game, including plenty of cheers for the Patriots, who were technically the "road" team during the neutral-site affair.

While Belichick could hear the noise coming from the stands, he said it didn't quite feel like a home game away from home.

"I wouldn't go quite that far, but it was good support out here," he said. "The Rams had a lot of support here too. It was good, we had a lot of our fans here and it looks like we had some London fans at the game. That was a good feeling. They're great."

The split allegiances in the crowd made for a different experience than Belichick is used to.

"You heard a lot of back and forth cheering in the game, when normally it's one way or the other," he said. "When you play at home it's all your fans, when you play on the road it's all their fans. This was a little bit, kind of a split. It's a little bit unique, we're not used to it. You usually don't get games like that."

One other notable difference of Wembley Stadium from many NFL stadiums is its natural grass playing surface, something Belichick enjoyed.

"Playing on grass is always good," he said. "We play most of our games on turf, so it's good to see those jerseys get a little dirty and grass-stained and all that.

"It was a good old-fashioned football game. I think our guys liked it, I think Gronk [tight end Rob Gronkowski] liked it," he joked.

Belichick further described the atmosphere of Wembley Stadium, noting the unique structure and lighting.

"It's good, every stadium is different," he continued. "Every stadium's got kind of their own personality and own atmosphere and own environment. Wembley Stadium is obviously big, almost cavernous there with that slight opening up on top. The lighting is a little bit different. It's a big crowd, a good crowd. They were in to the game."

On the front end of the trip, Belichick opted to bring his team to London toward the end of the preparation week, as he did back in 2009. Once again, Belichick felt like the team handled the travel circumstances well.

"I thought the players handled it well this time," he said. "I felt like going into the game, we had good energy and we'd be ready to go, and we played a pretty good football game."