Pats scheduled to return Monday

LONDON -- With Hurricane Sandy in mind, the Patriots have pushed up their travel itinerary in hopes of returning home Monday. The team is now scheduled to depart early in the morning from Heathrow Airport, around 5 a.m..

"We'll leave that to our travel people and the people who are in our organization on that," coach Bill Belichick said of the flight plans following the team's 45-7 win over the Rams at Wembley Stadium.

A Sunday night departure, while preferable, wasn't possible due to logistics (Heathrow closes at 11 p.m.).

So players were prepared to return to a hotel in London on Sunday night, and as quarterback Tom Brady said following the victory, "I'm sure the guys will have fun tonight."

As for when they board a plane, running back Stevan Ridley said simply, "I just know when they tell us to be on that plane, I'm going to be there."