McDaniels: Feels good when plan works

A lot went right for the Patriots during their Week 8 win over the St. Louis Rams in London. In fact, the offense scored a touchdown every time it touched the football in the first half, four times in total.

On a conference call with media on Tuesday afternoon, offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels said it was good to see the offense perform so efficiently on Sunday, but he left the door open for improvement.

"When you go into any week you hope to put together a plan that gives your guys a chance to go out there and execute and play fast and hopefully be productive, and then [when] the players go out and play the way they did it always makes you feel good," he said. "There definitely, certainly [are] things we need to do better and we can improve on. I would say [there are] plenty of things over the course of any game that you can do better."

Among the areas that McDaniels highlighted as positives from the performance were ball security, offensive balance, and situational football.

"But I thought we took care of the football, we maintained a good balance between our run and pass game, and we really have been focusing hard on a lot of the situational plays and had some good production on third down, red zone, two-minute offense, those types of things," McDaniels noted. "When your players go out and play the way that our guys did for the most part, it definitely makes you feel good."

Earlier Tuesday, receiver Deion Branch said during a radio interview on WEEI in Boston that Sunday's outing was what the offense expects of itself every time it takes the field.

McDaniels emphasized that the offense has only one goal in mind for each possession: to score seven points.

"Coach always tells us that on offense, we go out there for one reason and one reason only -- and he’s 100 percent right -- and that’s to score touchdowns," McDaniels said. "That’s a simple goal that takes a lot of hard work, preparation, communication and execution to make a reality each week. I think that we went into that game, much like we do every game, trying to give our players a chance to play fast and be aggressive."

He praised his offense for adjusting to new looks and wrinkles from St. Louis that it had not previously seen.

"There will always be an element of the players needing to be alert and aware that something that we haven’t practiced or haven’t shown them could come up," he said. "Every team is well coached and has good players and they try to do things to get us out of rhythm and create some negative plays. I thought our guys did a good job of executing against some different looks that we hadn’t seen."

McDaniels stated that adjusting to what a defense presents and being able to react and execute for four quarters will be an emphasis going forward.

"St. Louis presented us with some different challenges that we hadn’t necessarily seen before, but our guys followed their rules and reacted and executed even so and I think that’s a good thing and we need to do that on a consistent basis," he continued. "It’s something that we haven’t necessarily done each week for four quarters, and that has to be a focus for us going forward."