Jones hopes for repeat performance

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- For the first time in his football career -- high school and college included -- Patriots rookie defensive end Chandler Jones will play the same team for a second time in the same season.

"This is the first time, so it's pretty exciting," he said of playing a rematch game with the Buffalo Bills on Sunday at Gillette Stadium.

From a preparation standpoint, Jones said not much changed leading up to the second go-around.

"Not really at all," he said. "Actually when you play a team twice I feel like, I have personal notes, and I'll look over them again definitely."

Those notes include some information on Bills rookie left tackle Cordy Glenn, who Jones beat for sack in a Week 4 head-to-head matchup. Prior to that game, Jones offered a scouting report on Glenn, and he said on Friday that it hasn't hardly changed.

"Cordy Glenn is a great left tackle," he reiterated to reporters on Friday.

Jones not only has previous playing experience against Glenn, but he also has had an additional week of preparation due to the bye. Beyond studying for the Bills, Jones engaged in some self-evaluation with the extra time.

"That's huge, that's very valuable," he said of self-scouting. "That's for every player from quarterbacks to kickers. Self-scouting is huge. You can critique yourself. if you can critique yourself then you're doing a good job. Self-scouting is very valuable."