Sterling Moore & practice squad salaries

While the team has yet to officially announce the move, the New England Patriots re-signed cornerback Sterling Moore to their practice squad on Nov. 2, two days after he was waived from the 53-man roster.

According to NFLPA documents, Moore is being paid a weekly salary of $8,820, which is roughly 55 percent more than the minimum for a practice squad player ($5,700).

However, Moore, who spent the final five games of last season (including playoffs) and the first eight games of this season on the 53-man roster, is being paid about 67 percent less per week than he was being paid while on the active roster ($27,353).

In fact, Moore isn't even the highest paid player on the Patriots practice squad. Wide receiver Greg Salas, who was acquired in a trade on Labor Day weekend, is earning $465,001 for the season, just above the active roster minimum for a player of his experience.

Salas had his practice squad pay bumped up in September after another team expressed interest in signing Salas to their 53-man roster, according to NFL.com's Brian McIntyre.

On the other hand, all 31 other teams had a chance to pick up Moore when he was waived two weeks ago, but the second-year cornerback went unclaimed.

Here is a look at the full Patriots practice squad, salaries included:

FB James Develin -- $5,700/week

WR Greg Salas -- $27,353/week

WR Jarred Fayson -- $5,700/week

OT Matt Kopa -- $8,820/week

OG Jeremiah Warren -- $5,700/week

DT Marcus Forston -- $5,700/week

LB Jerrell Harris -- $5,700/week

CB Sterling Moore -- $8,820/week