Talib reacts to first Patriots game

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Cornerback Aqib Talib electrified Patriots fans in his debut with a dazzling 59-yard interception return for a touchdown, which led to the 200th straight sellout crowd cheering his name seemingly every time it was announced.

It was a memorable debut, which led to the following exchange after the game:

Did you hear the cheers?

"No, I was locked in. I wasn't paying attention to the volume meter or anything like that."

How did you feel about the overall welcome you received?

"When they said my name at the beginning, I got a pretty good welcome. It made me feel pretty good, made me a little more excited than I already was."

Feel like it could be home?

"Man, I would love for it to be home."

Talib started at left cornerback and played the majority of defensive snaps, although the Patriots rotated him at times to account for conditioning (he hadn't played a game in five weeks because of suspension). His performance drew praise from teammates such as safety Steve Gregory, who said Talib has "a real knack for what the NFL's all about."

Talib was in coverage on two touchdowns, and he reviewed those plays afterwards.

"On the short one, I just got undercut on the goal-line. I just didn't play good technique; I kind of let him line me to get back inside," he explained. "Then on the other one, I had my eyes on the wrong spot. My eyes were exactly where they shouldn't be -- on the quarterback -- and I watched him throw a touchdown on me. I got to get a lot better."

As for the 59-yard interception return, Talib broke down how it unfolded.

"We were in a three-deep [coverage] and I got a dig [route] and kind of just squeezed it. Our underneath coverage did a good job of sinking back and [Andrew] Luck tried to fit it in there," Talib said. "He overthrew it due to our underneath coverage. I just got my hands on the ball and we're all thinking touchdown."

As for the runback itself, Talib said: "I just saw a bunch of blue jerseys in front of me getting blocks. I just tried to weasel my way to the touchdown."