Turkey talk: White meat or dark meat?

In our weekly Patriots podcast, Tedy Bruschi told some Thanksgiving stories, such as when coach Bill Belichick gathered players and talked to them about being thankful to those who have helped them make it to the NFL. It's why Bruschi calls one of his former coaches every Thanksgiving.

And then, on the lighter side, Bruschi laughed as he recalled a story from the locker room in which players were arguing over what was better -- white meat or dark meat. It took owner Robert Kraft to break the tie (his choice: dark meat).

Bruschi called out to podcast listeners to get their opinion, urging them to share thoughts via Twitter. The final results are in and it's a landslide:

White -- 65%

Dark -- 25%

Both -- 9%

Neither -- 1%

Some took it a step further, bringing the gravy into the mix.

"Dark meat = no gravy nec. White meat = gravy for sure. Gravy could ruin the bird," tweeted @TheRealPodVader.

Then there were others who simply didn't feel the need to choose.

"I'm an equal opportunity eater," tweeted @SteveB7SFG. "I only like two kinds of food -- cold and hot."

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone.