Belichick not eyeing playoff scenarios

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. – If the playoffs started today, the Patriots would be a third seed and hosting a game in the wild-card round.

That could always change, but coach Bill Belichick isn’t focusing on various scenarios in his planning.

“There’s so much stuff out there, I have no idea,” Belichick said Wednesday. “I’m not smart enough to understand the 80 different things that could happen.”

Belichick added that the playoff scenarios aren’t at the forefront of his thinking.

“I don’t really care. There is nothing we can do about any of them,” he said. “I think what we need to worry about is the New England Patriots and you guys [the media] can take care of all that stuff. We have plenty of things we need to do besides worry about everybody else.”

A few other soundbites from Belichick:

On the possibility of filling the 53rd spot on the roster: “We might. We might not. We’ll see how it goes here. At this time of year, you’re playing with a little different hand than you’re playing with in Week 2. We’ll see how this week plays out and do the best we can.”

On 2006 Patriots sixth-round pick Jeremy Mincey playing well with Jaguars: “I think he’s in the right spot. We tried to play him at outside linebacker and that probably wasn’t the best thing for him. He got with a team that is playing pretty much the same way he played in college [at Florida as a defensive end in a 4-3]. Jeremy is a strong player, he’s physical, he has a lot of passion for the game. He plays hard on every play. He has a good motor. He’s tough. He’s a good kid and football is really important to him. He’s done well.”

On Jaguars quarterback Chad Henne: “He does a good job of reading coverages and getting the ball to the weak point of the coverage. … He’s had some of his best games against us. We have a lot of respect for Henne.”