Belichick on Texans & the script

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick has earned a reputation as one of the best in the NFL at making adjustments during games. His staff has a track record of successfully identifying areas during the early part of the action, then relaying them to players to execute as the game progresses.

In playing the Houston Texans for the second time this season, the Patriots are likely to see a number of new wrinkles from a team that they easily handled back in Week 14, and Belichick knows the importance of being prepared to adjust from the opening drive.

"Yeah, definitely, the first drive as soon as we come off and we have a lot more information than we had going into the game even if some of it is just a confirmation of their personnel, their groupings, their matchups," he said. "[We] try to take a look at what they’re trying to do, why they selected the type of plays that they’ve selected in the first series and what does it look like they’re trying to attack or how they’re trying to play us.

"With a team like Houston that has some West Coast elements to it, you know that early in the game, there is a script portion or potential in the game and so that’s also another thing you have to factor in," Belichick added. "Teams that are script-type teams, how you want to treat that because [the] script isn’t always necessarily the way the whole game goes. Sometimes a script is just a script."