Sharing Patriots podcast outline

This week's ESPN Boston Patriots podcast has been posted, and the following is an outline of the discussion:


1. Initial thoughts on the matchup.

2. As a player, what it’s like facing the same team again a month later.

3. Personnel situations that are different (Patriots have Gronkowski; Texans have Reed, Graham, Newton, Ball).

4. Explaining the Texans’ style of offense.

5. Explaining the Texans’ style of defense.

6. Let’s pick an X-factor for both teams that people might be overlooking.

7. Gary Kubiak vs. Bill Belichick – coaching adjustments.

8. Thoughts on other playoff matchups – Broncos/Ravens; 49ers/Packers; Falcons/Seahawks.


@mdfenway – Tedy, we haven't seen the super-fast paced offense the Pats used vs Den. Do you expect that at all?

@GrandJordanian -- Do you think the Pats can stretch the field when it counts with the current WRs on the roster and does it matter either way?

@ArjunaRamgopal – What new game-plan wrinkles do you think each team will have for each other?

@ClutchWR17 -- How will "The Hoodie" keep his team from looking past Houston after their 42-14 win against them a few weeks ago?

@owen_cos -- Tedy, did the Pats ever use opposing teams local journalist's articles as motivation? What do you think of all this?

@bgallant19 -- Aaron Hernandez seems to be struggling lately. Do you think he's still recovering from an injury?

@hillwaykeith -- With the regular-season over now, how would you grade this years Patriots rookie class?

@Jsutel -- NE has struggled in the rain this year (@sea, vs. sf); how does playing in the elements affect a team?

@BrentSchwartzz -- Tedy, do you think the Patriots are planning on running the ball more than usual this postseason?

@Badams 3324 -- Tedy, what do you think will be the difference in this game from last time.and how will each team prepare differently?