Watt: 'No drama' to spitting on Pats logo

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- Texans All-Pro defensive end J.J. Watt created a minor stir in the Twitterverse before Sunday’s game at Gillette Stadium, when reporters noticed him spitting on the Patriots logo at midfield and proceeding to wipe his feet on it.

It wasn’t exactly Terrell Owens spiking the ball on the giant star logo at Cowboys Stadium, but Patriots fans obviously were disheartened to hear of an opponent disrespecting the Flying Elvis like that.

After the game, Watt said he wasn’t insulting his opponent, just performing a normal part of his pregame ritual.

“I do that every game, home or away,” Watt said. “I go out to midfield, I jog out there, spit a little bit, wipe my feet off and I go through my stretching. No drama there, that’s what I do every game home or away.”