Sharing Patriots podcast outline

January, 15, 2013
This week's Patriots podcast with Tedy Bruschi has been posted (listen here) and it previews the AFC Championship Game between the Patriots and Ravens, while answering a high volume of Twitter questions from followers.

Here is an outline of the discussion:

1. Patriots vs. Ravens. What defines this rivalry?
2. They met Sept. 23 and Ravens won, 31-30. What do we take from that game?
3. Rob Gronkowski injury – what it means.
4. Thoughts on the Ray Lewis retirement tour.
5. Let’s not overlook special teams.
6. NFC title game – 49ers at Falcons.

@swirley0812 – What is the Patriots’ biggest key on both sides of the ball?
@plumcrazydodge – What do Ravens do best that poses biggest threat?
@blpatfan1 – They should handle Ray Rice, but what can the Patriots do to stop Ravens passing game?
@bmoss1019 – NE struggled with long ball/Torrey Smith in opener; will Devin McCourty’s move to safety be the key? Are Dennard/Talib up to the challenge?
@TroelsPetersen – If you were game-planning against the Patriots’ offense, what would you do?
@WAD1980 – Playing in six AFC title games, how were you able to maintain focus/excitement on that week even though the Super Bowl was only one game away?
@KatieANYC – The Patriots put little pressure on Matt Schaub last week. Will getting to Joe Flacco be a higher priority?
@teala – What similarities, if any, do you see between the Texans and Ravens defenses?
@grandjordanian – Who is the one defender on each team that the offenses will try to exploit?
@mdfenway – Do you see the Patriots being able to wear down the Ravens after they played a double-OT game?
@michaelhoglund – Most worrisome is the Ravens’ offensive line. No one is getting to Flacco. Thoughts?
@sulli1993 – After what unfolded in San Francisco with Colin Kaepernick, curious how you think Patriots fare against QB that can run well?
@theRealKnapster – Does BB always try to get someone involved that the opponents aren’t ready for (e.g. Vereen)?
@ArjunaRamgopal – How do you plan against RB split wide? If in man, LB on him. But if not, Brady sheds zone.
@BAdams3324 – How does your mental preparation change in the playoffs?

Mike Reiss

ESPN New England Patriots reporter



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