Sound FX with Tom Brady

NFL Films had Patriots quarterback Tom Brady wearing a microphone during Sunday's divisional-round playoff win over the Texans, and a clip with some Brady sound is now posted on NFL.com (link here).

Brady liked the "October" weather for the game, and of course, he always likes throwing to Wes Welker. At one point, he tells Welker, "Your boy is coming for you."

Brady's fiery demeanor is evident on the sidelines, urging teammates to play 60 minutes. It is also shown on the field when he gets fired up at the officials for blowing the whistle earlier than he thought, before apologizing for being a "little fired up."

After running back Shane Vereen's long touchdown catch, Brady congratulates him and asks him if he thought he stayed in-bounds. "Great catch, boy," Brady says to Vereen.

Then, on the sideline, Brady is speaking with running backs coach Ivan Fears after the quick-strike play.

"All week long, we [go] patience, patience. There was no patience!" Brady says with excitement. "He just ran. I don't care. That was sweet!"

On the way to the locker room, as Brady passes defensive coordinator Matt Patricia and defensive end Rob Ninkovich, he salutes the work of the defense before breaking down the team in the celebratory locker room.

Great stuff, as usual.