Gathering links on Brady deal

Collecting some links from around the Web on Tom Brady's contract extension with the Patriots:

1. Video -- King breaks it down. Peter King of Sports Illustrated, who broke the story, opines on what the deal means in a video on SI.com.

2. Salary cap relief helps Patriots. Judy Battista of the New York Times writes on Brady's deal and how the key aspect is giving the Patriots salary-cap relief.

3. Win-win situation for both sides. Writing on Foxsports.com, Peter Schrager sees it as a situation in which both sides benefit. "Brady took a deal that certainly helps the Patriots in terms of salary cap, but he didn’t exactly sign up for Mike Bloomberg’s $1 a year salary, either," he writes.

4. Trickle-down effect of extension. Gregg Rosenthal, who runs the "Around the League" blog on NFL.com, shares his four takeaways which include how Brady's pact might impact Joe Flacco.

5. Deal creates wonder among agents, teams. Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk opines on the deal, and notes that it has many in the league buzzing.

6. Leadership shown by Brady. Les Carpenter of Yahoo! Sports writes that Brady's contract extension is the latest example of him showing leadership to his teammates.

7. Brady puts the team first. Senior blogger Will Brinson of CBSSports.com sees both the team and Brady benefitting. "It pays him handsomely and so he wins," Brinson writes of Brady. "But more than anything else, the Patriots win here. They'll be on the hook for Brady's salary -- which works out to $12 million a year -- until he's 40. If he falls off a cliff any time soon, they could be in trouble."

8. Video -- best of Brady. On NFL.com, a collection of highlights from Brady complements news of the deal.