Belichick on Welker: Nothing to add

Bill Belichick wasn't interested in talking about Wes Welker's departure on Tuesday morning. Mike Reiss/ESPN

PHOENIX -- Patriots coach Bill Belichick met with reporters at Tuesday's AFC coaches breakfast, addressing a number of topics, including Wes Welker's free-agent defection to the Broncos.

"There are changes every year on every team," Belichick said, when asked if it will be odd not seeing Welker in the team's offense.

Asked a follow-up question on if it was a tough negotiation, Belichick said: "I think Wes was everything we hoped we would be when we traded for him. He was tough, competitive and very productive. I think what Robert [Kraft] said yesterday covered it pretty thoroughly. I don't have anything to add to that."

Later, when asked another Welker-based question, Belichick said: "I agree with what Robert said yesterday. I thought he did a good job explaining the situation. I don't have anything to add to it. It's been covered, very thoroughly."