View from Pittsburgh: Take the pick

Veteran Steelers beat reporter Ed Bouchette of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette opined on the Patriots signing receiver Emmanuel Sanders to a one-year, $2.5 million offer sheet, and his advice is straight-forward to the Steelers: Don't match.

Why wait until Sunday to file their decision with the NFL and the New England Patriots? The Steelers should act on the Emmanuel Sanders signing as fast as they did when they cut Chris Rainey. Take the third-round draft pick and send the Pats a big thank you bouquet.

This has nothing with their inability to match that one-year deal Sanders signed with the Patriots. Many have speculated New England signed Sanders to such a large contract that the cap-strapped Steelers could not afford to match. Are you kidding? What could the Patriots have given him, $3 million? If they gave him much more than that, plus losing a third-round draft pick, Bill Belichick would be out of his mind and that just isn’t so, although it’s strange they would do this deal in the first place. I mean, when did Emmanuel Sanders suddenly become Lynn Swann? ...

Bouchette adds that the Steelers would create much-needed salary cap space by not matching, while also picking up a third-round draft choice that "will average under $700,000 a year for four years."

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