Flutie: 'It's a personal attack on everyone'

Local legend Doug Flutie, whose Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation had 25 participants in Monday’s Boston Marathon, shared his view on Monday’s bombings at the finish line.

“It’s really a personal attack on everyone in the Boston area,” Flutie said on Sirius XM NFL Radio on Tuesday. “It’s a special day. ... Instead, all of a sudden, everything turns in an instant. The number one response is shock and then it turns to anger.”

As of Tuesday morning, Flutie said that he had accounted for all but one of the runners who were raising money for the Doug Flutie Jr. Foundation, and he was optimistic that the final runner was OK. The group raised more than $220,000 in donations.

Flutie explained that his concern was also for the runners’ family members who were within “striking distance” of the explosions, and everyone was OK.

“It was amazing to see the people react and handle those injured on site, how quickly ... We had one runner who was 600 yards from the finish line when it went off,” Flutie said, before explaining what the marathon meant to him growing up in Natick, Mass.

“People don’t understand what Patriots Day is in Boston. Ever since I was a kid, walk down the street and watch the marathon; it’s kind of a kickoff of spring,” he said. “It’s usually a nice day, everyone is out, it’s a community event, lining the streets for 26 miles, the Red Sox are playing early and everyone is keeping an eye on that. It’s a whole community event.”