Urlacher recalls Brady's memorable run

On Wednesday, longtime Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher announced he would be retiring from the NFL after 13 seasons. It capped off what was a sensational career, as Urlacher made eight Pro Bowls and provided outstanding leadership and play for the Bears, helping to lead them to a Super Bowl XLI appearance.

Not long after his retirement announcement, Urlacher appeared on the "Dan Patrick Show" to discuss his decision and recall some of his most memorable plays from his career. Urlacher was able to share a laugh over one play involving Tom Brady that didn't exactly go in his favor.

"Brady always kicked my butt. I don't think I ever beat Tom, we as a Bears team, ever beat Tom Brady when he was the starting quarterback," he said. "He always played well against us and he juked me out of my shoes in 2006... Man, he got me." (To see the clip of the third-and-9 scramble that gave the Patriots a fresh set of downs, CLICK HERE).

Following the game, Brady kept things light-hearted, saying, "That was pretty cool. I can tell my kids one day that I beat Brian Urlacher."

Brady will never be confused as a mobile quarterback, while part of what made Urlacher such a terrific player was his combination of size and athleticism. It was a play that caught our attention at the time, and it's refreshing to see that Urlacher can still laugh about it now.