Brady & business with Under Armour

With Patriots players on a break from voluntary organized team activities today, quarterback Tom Brady turned his attention to some business-based activity. As part of his work with Under Armour, Brady was a guest on CNBC along with company chairman, president and CEO Kevin Plank.

"I looked around our locker room, what was going on in high school with the younger kids and the kids playing Pop Warner, and it was all Under Armour," Brady told CNBC when asked why he decided to endorse the company (video here).

"I was going into the 14th year of my [NFL] career now and I couldn't have made a better decision, being around Kevin and developing a relationship like I have with him over the past three-and-a-half years. I'm very privileged to be a real small part of this company. I'm really looking [forward] to see those growth goals that he's set out, as a shareholder over the last three years."

It was a different type of interview for Brady, who told CNBC that he isn't involved in Under Armour product development, although the hosts did sneak in a couple of football-related questions.

Asked about receiver Wes Welker signing with the Broncos as a free agent, Brady said: "It was a very sad day for me losing one of my best friends, I'll say that. I know that he's moved on to a great team, and a great place. They have a great quarterback [Peyton Manning], one of my friends, but we're competing against those guys this year. We'll get a chance to take them on -- we have a lot of time between now and then. I love him. I wish him the best."

Brady then seemed surprised when asked if tight end Rob Gronkowski would ready for the season opener Sept. 8 against the Bills.

"Oh man, I'm here to talk about Under Armour," he replied with a smile. "That's a tough question. I'm not a medical doctor. I don't know. I certainly hope so, but I don't make those decisions. He's a really hard worker, he's really committed to getting himself healthy and whenever that happens, he'll be out there. I hope it's soon. He's a great player and we love having him out there on the field."

At the end of the CNBC interview, Brady was asked if there was any prospect he might play for a New York team. Brady paused for a moment and said, "Not much. Very slim at this point. I like where I'm at; I'm very settled. Thank you for asking."

The hosts then joked with Brady that it would have been news had he answered otherwise.

"It sure would have been. It would have been news to me too," Brady said, smiling.