Perspectives on Tebow around Web

Various perspectives on Tim Tebow joining the Patriots from around the Web:

1. No circus coming to the Patriots. Mike Reiss of ESPNBoston.com writes on how Tim Tebow is coming to town, but the circus won't be coming with it.

2. Desperation signing for Patriots. James Walker, who writes the AFC East blog for ESPN.com, sees the move as a setback for the Patriots.

3. This would be Belichick's greatest achievement. Ashley Fox, the NFL columnist for ESPN.com, writes: "If Belichick makes Tebow into something of a quarterback, if he takes a player with flawed mechanics and faulty footwork and an awkward throwing motion, and actually teaches him the nuances of the passing offense, it will go down as perhaps Belichick's most impressive accomplishment."

4. Five reasons why Tebow to Patriots will work. CBSSports.com National NFL Insider Mike Freeman lists five reasons why the Tebow-Patriots marriage could work.

5. Six reasons why Tebow to Patriots will work. Gregg Rosenthal, who edits the "Around the League" blog on NFL.com, gives six reasons why the Tebow fit is a good one in New England.

6. Classic Belichick move. Jarrett Bell of USA Today writes, "This is Belichick being Belichick. When everyone is ready to write off Tebow, Belichick has flexed his muscle to remind the sporting world that he is the most resourceful coach in the NFL."

7. Will Tebow make the final roster? NFL.com debates if Tebow will make the final roster, tapping various perspectives.

8. Versatility-plus with Tebow. Jason La Canfora of CBSSports touches on Tebow's versatility, and how that could make him a nice fit with the Patriots.

9. Throwing mentor backs Tebow. Quarterback Chris Weinke, who has been working closely with Tebow, tells Jim Corbett of USA Today that he believes Tebow can be a successful quarterback.

10. Testaverde: New England perfect for Tebow. Rich Cimini of ESPNNewYork.com talks with Vinny Testaverde, who has worked with Tebow, about why he feels New England is a great spot for Tebow. Cimini also writes on how this is another chance for the Patriots to one-up the Jets.

11. Dream scenario for Tebow. Dan Wetzel, the award-winning columnist for Yahoo! Sports, writes: "With one foot out of the league and no one else biting, it couldn't have gotten any better for Tim Tebow than this."

12. Masterstroke by Belichick. Eric Adelson, a feature writer for Yahoo! Sports, sees the signing as a potential masterstroke by Bill Belichick.

13. Belichick accepts the 'Tebow Challenge.' Michael Silver, a columnist for Yahoo! Sports, writes, "Bill Belichick threw Tim Tebow a lifeline Monday, giving the disenfranchised football icon a spot on the New England Patriots' roster and, in the process, making a certain Y! Sports columnist (and a knowledgeable organizational source) appear dead wrong in public, which is always an awesome sensation."

14. Belichick doesn't hate Tebow. Chirs Burke of SI.com writes: "If Bill Belichick does indeed hate Tim Tebow, he has a funny way of showing it."

15. Tebow-to-Patriots seemed obvious from beginning. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk writes: "When the Jets cut quarterback Tim Tebow after the draft, the Patriots became the most obvious destination. After all, the man who drafted Tebow in Denver (Josh McDaniels) serves at New England’s offensive coordinator, and the man who coached Tebow to a Heisman (Urban Meyer) is a good friend of coach Bill Belichick’s."

16. Arrogant move by Patriots. Pete Prisco, who covers the NFL for CBSSports.com, writes: "This is what the Tim Tebow signing in New England says to me: 1. Bill Belichick is doing a favor for his buddy Urban Meyer; 2. The Patriots' arrogance is in full force. It's more of this: "We can make anything work. We're the Patriots. We don't deal with distractions, just football players. We're the Patriots."

17. Patriots the right fit for Tebow. Alex Marvez, who covers the NFL for Foxsports.com, opines on why the Patriots are the right fit for Tebow. "A head coach who knows how to nip media distractions in the bud? Check. An offensive coordinator who has a history with Tebow? Check. An elite starting quarterback from whom he could learn and help better his craft? Ditto."

18. Billick's Q&A on Tebow. Former Ravens head coach Brian Billick envisions Tebow on the Patriots' roster in Week 1 because of his belief that the team will find a specific role for him.