QB coach: Tebow may surprise people

Tim Tebow's most recent QB coach, Chris Weinke, says the newest New England Patriot is "the ultimate competitor" who has "an unbelievable work ethic," and that the main thing he needs to focus on at this point is consistency.

"He's got a great knowledge base of the game, he's very smart, he picks up things very quickly," he said.

Weinke, who has been working with Tebow this spring, said the QB "may surprise some people with the way he's throwing the football right now."

He said Tebow has shortened his stride, tweaked his footwork, and has made strides in his delivery. "There's never been a question of his arm strength. What I wanted to focus on was actually getting him to be able to change ball speeds and trajectory of the ball, which ultimately allows him to play faster," said Weinke.

Weinke says Tebow is currently "mechanically sound and throwing the ball as good as I've ever seen him throw it."

On why he thinks Bill Belichick was willing to sign him when no other team was interested, Weinke said: "I'm sure [Belichick] has a plan, he doesn't go into these things blind, and he feels like you're getting a good, smart, athletic football player that understands the game and brings value to that football team."