Amendola on Brady's excitement

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- There was a moment in Tuesday's practice when quarterback Tom Brady showed his excitement over a route-running decision that receiver Danny Amendola made on a successful play. Brady's voice could be heard from a distance, his fiery display of emotion not uncommon, and Amendola -- meeting with the press a day later -- smiled when asked to explain what happened.

"Just I got open and made a play. It was only one play, and we're trying to stack as many of those up as we can," he said Wednesday.

As for Brady's reaction, Amendola said it was reflective of what he's seen from him in the past.

"Watching Tom and being on the outside, you see that fire, you see him get amped up in games. That's the type of guy you want to play for. For him to do that in practice and OTAs, and we're going against each other, our own team, to have that fire and desire to win, it's really uplifting," he said. "He does a really good job of lifting up the whole team and getting everybody to play really hard and that's why obviously he's one of the best."

Brady, in some respects, has been like a coach on the field in spring workouts. Amendola, who appears to have developed a quick chemistry with Brady, also touched on that dynamic.

"He's been in the system for [14] years. I've been in here for like three weeks. He absolutely [is helpful]," he said. "He knows every route inside and out, and just as well as the coaches, it's really good to have a leader like that, a leader like Coach McDaniels, Coach O'Shea, and Belichick, to lead us in the right direction, and we're all trying to play hard for them."