Brady on Amendola & chemistry

FOXBOROUGH, Mass. -- On Wednesday, New England Patriots wide receiver Danny Amendola spoke about a moment during Tuesday's practice when quarterback Tom Brady's praise about a play Amendola made could be heard from across the practice fields.

Amendola, who has been largely tasked with filling the shoes of Wes Welker in the Patriots offense, said it was "just one play," but speaking to reporters later Wednesday, Brady stressed the importance of what happened Tuesday.

"When you can take something from the film room, or a correction from the previous day, and actually apply it on the field, and maybe give you a little bit of a different look, a little bit of a different play, but it's similar to what you talked about, and he can pick it up, it's fun," he said. "That's how you make improvements. That's how you can exceed expectations, is to continue to do the right thing over and over."

With Brady excited as he was afterward, it was clear that something had clicked for Amendola.

"We talked about something and the first time he didn't quite get it, and the second time we talked about it he got it a little more but not quite, and then finally we nailed it," Brady said. "Hopefully once you get that feeling of nailing it, you can understand it."

Brady, who acknowledged the significant turnover at receiver this offseason, brought up his current pair of tight ends -- Rob Gronkowski and Aaron Hernandez -- as players who "got it so quickly" and developed a connection with their quarterback.

"I've developed some great chemistry with receivers over the years that body language is really important, and when to sit, when to move, when to give me your eyes, when to give me your hands, and all those little cues that you're using to try to anticipate thing as a player are very important," he said. "And that's why some guys really pick things up, and why you develop a chemistry with certain players."

So what about Amendola?

"Danny has come in and he's fun to play with," Brady said. "He works so hard, he's diving out there for catches, and he's really done everything that we've asked him to do."

Asked a follow-up question if Amendola was already on the same track as Gronkowski or Hernandez, Brady pumped the brakes.

"Well, we'll see," he said. "We haven't really had any meaningful action. So running around in shorts and game jerseys without pads, it's football, but it's not really football. You really learn the most about players when it's the hardest."

Amendola was also quick to stress on Wednesday that chemistry with Brady is not something that can develop overnight.

"The more work we get in [the better]," he said. "Chemistry is not really something that we can press the issue on. It's more or less something that will come with time."