Reconstructing events of June 17

In the video above, ESPN investigative reporter Jeremy Schaap looks back at Wednesday's events for Aaron Hernandez and provides a reconstruction, according to prosecutors, of the events of June 17.

“If Aaron Hernandez is in fact guilty of murder,” Schapp says, “if he killed a 27-year-old acquaintance named Odin Lloyd on June 17, his efforts to erase his figurative, if not literal, fingerprints were stunningly inept.

“That was the takeaway from his arraignment. According to prosecutors, Hernandez orchestrated the execution of Lloyd and they have the text messages, surveillance video and cell phone tower logs to prove it.”

Schaap reconstructs a timeline of events in the early morning hours of June 17, when Lloyd was murdered at an industrial park near Hernandez’s home.

* As for motive, assistant district attorney William McCauley suggested Hernandez was angry with Lloyd because on the night of June 14 he had been talking to people Hernandez perceived as hostile to him.

* According to McCauley, Lloyd sent text messages to his sister on June 17 indicating he was with Hernandez, in Lloyd’s words, “just so you know.”

* Lloyd’s body was found at an industrial park half a mile from Hernandez’s home. In Lloyd’s pocket, McCauley said, were keys to a car Hernandez had rented.

* At 3:30 a.m. on June 17, just minutes after prosecutors say several witnesses have sworn they heard gunshots at the industrial park, Hernandez could be seen on video at his home brandishing a weapon.

* Bail was denied. Hernandez is being held at the Bristol county detention center in North Dartmouth and is next due in court July 24.