King's lessons from Hernandez

Returning to write "Monday Morning Quarterback" after a month-long vacation, SI.com's Peter King includes a section on the lessons he takes away from Aaron Hernandez's murder charge.

1. Spotlight on security staff. "I know the Patriots can't tail 53 guys. Or one. But the organization seemed to have dropped all suspicion in the last couple of years about a guy so many teams questioned before the 2010 draft -- a guy who had very few close friends on the team, and who always seemed to go his own way when he left the facility. Kraft has to know that if Belichick is going to continue to draft from college football's All-Risk Team, he'd better improve the quality of private eyes he employs."

2. Who's challenging Belichick on personnel decisions? "Since Scott Pioli left the organization in 2009, Belichick doesn't have anyone to argue him off troubled players. Not that Pioli won all the time. ..."

3. Florida players haven't worked out. "Belichick had better give the Urban Meyer guys a harder look in the future. He's had either trouble of some kind or abject disappointment with Florida picks Hernandez, Chad Jackson, Jermaine Cunningham, Brandon Spikes and Jeff Demps."

King still sees the Patriots as a team with double-digit wins, but writes, "In New England's world, making hay in the weak AFC East isn't what matters. Beating Baltimore and Denver and Pittsburgh and Houston is. And with the mayhem of the last month, winning the AFC is very much in doubt."

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